A Pidgeon Named Pete

By Pete the Pigeon

Interpreted by Gary Meyers

Hey, my name’s Pete. You and I might have something in common.

You see, I was born in Maryland. But I do know one thing that makes us different: I’m a pigeon! I’m not just any pigeon though—I’m a local celebrity, too! So come along and let me tell you the extraordinary story of how it all happened to me right here in Baltimore.

Pete in the News!

From The Baltimore Sun Paper:
"The Autobiography of a Pigeon Named Pete: A True Baltimore Story" by Pete the Pigeon, interpreted by Gary Meyers and illustrated by Stephanie Helgeson. Meyers combed through old newspaper articles and paid a publishing house to help him polish this charming children's book about his mother, Muriel's, pet pigeon. Pete, who lived from 1919 to 1944, became the unofficial mascot of South Baltimore, beloved of local kids and beat cops. A prankster, Pete liked to unplug the iron when Muriel's mother was pressing clothes. He survived several bird-nappings, including one in which he nearly became pigeon stew.

Howard County Beacon

SouthBmore News

ISBN-13: 978-1-63177-269-6
Publisher: Mascot Books

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Illustrated by Stephanie Helgeson

The Rosa Bonheur Society is working to preserve the Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park pet and human cemetery.

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